Export Expansion
Facility Programme

A scheme under the Nigerian Economic Sustainability Plan of the Federal Government of Nigeria

About EEFP

There is no better economic storyteller than a local export company. The Federal Government is bringing opportunity to your doorstep. A series of incentives for you to expand your reach and become an even better version of yourself.

There are no restrictions on the EEFP. If you are a company based in Nigeria, and you produce or sell anything to customers outside Nigeria, you are an exporter, and we are here for you.

If you serve export companies – or have the capacity to do so – we are also looking for you. From logistics, to training, to capacity building, to business development consulting, let us know how you can serve our exporters.”
Send your proposals to info@eefp.gov.ng or the NEPC Headquarters.


From the CEO, NEPC

I am pleased to introduce the Export Expansion Facility Programme (EEFP), a flagship project of the Nigerian Export Promotion Council (NEPC). As our world becomes increasingly interconnected, the export business is the business of tomorrow. Just as enterprises today rely on raw materials or inputs agnostic of country, they seek for customers and clients from anywhere. Our goal at the NEPC, through our various programmes and incentives, is to continually provide catalysts that support our active export businesses and export-ready businesses.

The EEFP is an unprecedented programme in our history: one that seeks to democratise discovery of exporters and their access to relevant government incentives to grow. Please take the time to let us know about your business, clientele, and areas of need. We would do our best to reach you with one of our support incentives.

Thank you.

Olusegun Awolowo
ED/CEO, Nigerian Export Promotion Council (NEPC)

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